“HEARING GOD” is a series of stories, testimonies, and journal entries through my first-hand experience of hearing God.

It is my zeal to open up with significant vulnerability to share what I believe to be God talking with me in every circumstance and situation. I hope that you can find yourself in these writings and that they only encourage you to know Jesus (the person) as I have.


To me, the church has skipped over the simplicity of Christ to force-feed people the gospel. It’s much like commercially farmed chickens you see in documentaries. Screaming pastors cramming their criticism down your throat while you remain trapped by an electric fence of religious boundaries and tradition.

Shame culture and fear-mongering have produced her fruit now, in a present generation of people turned off by the church and scared of God.

I don’t think it got this way on purpose. I mean, the gospel is good news, who wouldn’t want to share it! However, it’s is a painful thing.

To cram your own opinion and wisdom down other people’s throats using the name of God as a shield and defender, using scripture to defend arguments instead of just not arguing.

When you become saved, the devil changes his voice to a religious spirit to distort you from the simplicity of Christ. And it is that old religious spirit that has ultimately quenched people from feeding on the Living Word in these days.


I treat the Word of God very cautiously because my perception of God, the church, and Christianity were all previously polluted by a childhood filled with abusive leaders and weak Christians.

I currently believe that anyone who “isn’t saved” has a misunderstanding of who God is. And typically, it is because of corrupt leaders and weak Christians using the name of God to defend their criticisms, misunderstandings, and hurt. It’s sad but true. Even in present-day Christianity, I feel like I hear more people preaching the gospel out of insecurity rather than fear and love of God.

I’d ask for your grace towards me as you read through what I have to say.

By no means do you have to, or is it necessary to read any of this. It’s a choice you make. I do not write to publish my own opinion or self-righteous thoughts. I do not write to criticize anyone who doesn’t believe what I believe. I’m not condemning people who don’t hear from God or “aren’t living right.” I write only to share my journey and provide a personal context of what it’s like to hear from God.

I have a passion for doing so because I feel lied to by Christians growing up in my own life.

Growing up, everyone acted “perfect,” and if you had a wrong thought, it had to be because hidden sin was in your life. If you were friends with someone unsaved, you “were unyoked.” Most of all, “these signs follow those who believe!” So if you’re not spending every waking moment in street ministry cramming Jesus down the publics’ throat, then you aren’t a good enough Christian, and again there is hidden sin in your life.

The reality is we are highly complex. God has made us but a little below Him and heavenly beings. He formed our intricate outsides and delicate insides, how mysteriously complex are we! If God is too big to figure out all at once, then how are we so quick to figure ourselves out, especially without Him?

The biblical reality is, we can’t see what’s inside our hearts. So why do we repeatedly walk around criticizing others, thinking we somehow know their heart?

Most Christians are haughty, preaching from limited perception, which makes their “gospel” null of the Father’s voice. It may be about God, but He’s not in it, and that’s why people most people don’t want it. We all have a heavenly origin and will inherently respond to our Father’s voice. When Christians slow down and abide in who God is, everyone in the world will want who God is in them.

God is complex but not complicated.

That should give us hope that we’re not beyond figuring out, but only through Him.

I carry around grace for others realizing how sensitive all of this is. So I would ask for grace in return as it does take an incredible amount of personal vulnerability to let down walls to show you a first-hand account of my on-going story with Christ.

Even if you disagree, I’d ask for the grace as you understand the courage and strength it takes to stand up in a chaotic world and declare what I believe to hear from the Lord. We are all meant to hear from God and come together in the community. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll do my job to declare in love what I hear from the Father boldly.