Brownstone Candle Co.

Recently, I got involved and started helping a local candle company, Brownstone (established in 2009). Why? Because ultimately, you feel like you think. And if I can help people feel better, they’ll think better. Suddenly, the world can start to look better, and the answer to unity wasn’t as complicated or pompous as people made it out to be. No medications are necessary, just treating yourself rightly. 

Brownstone Candle Co.

Think about it. If you feel crappy, you’ll think crappy. If you feel stressed, you’ll think stressed and always overwhelm yourself. But if you feel loved, seen, and comforted even in your home’s quietness, you’ll think and act loved, seen, and comfort those lucky enough to be around you. That’s why food was always important to my family and me. Hospitality was about creating a safe space for people to feel loved (by a family that cares considerably) so that they could feel comfortable being themselves. Over time (because love is patient, kind, and takes time to express), they’ll be the ones who come to their own right conclusions, walk healed, and live free with the joy of the Lord (which is your strength and stronghold). It’s more true than you realize when you stop to think about it because people’s works will fade (what we did), but people will never forget how they made you feel (who you are)!

Candles can do that for people. They’re quite an indulgence. But think of how many times a luxurious fragrance made you stop in your tracks and feel at peace, comforted, and cozy. That feeling is priceless and affects your health more than you want to give it credit. So, these days, that’s why helping a family create fine fragrances for others is essential to me, knowing we can be a part of something that makes people feel loved where they are. 

The enemy can’t come after people (steal) and torture people that think right. So, over these next couple of months, I hope and believe that those who taste and see what we’re part of with Brownstone candles will discover what we believe, that the world can feel better and help heal itself with something as simple as a fine fragrance.