Little by Little

Wealth WISDOM quickly gained is quickly wasted (wealth gained by fraud will dwindle) — easy come, easy go! But if you gradually gain wealth, you will watch it grow.” (Proverbs 13:11)

Wisdom, intelligence, and love (just like money) gained little by little, leads to great wealth. Since you received it little by little, you’ll have a deep appreciation, reverence, and heart-revelation of what you have. You’ll cherish it, hold on to it, use it for holy purpose, and not squander it away as if it’s nothing. These are all precious gifts from God that require stewardship (come with responsibility and expectation.) (Proverbs 2:2-5

Yes, says the Lord, this is Jubilee! And you’ll need your faith for it. For we needed to experience hopelessness and godly fear. Yes. Those who picked the wrong side NOW see how wrong they were. Christians who thought Biden was “only about” abortion, but now see he wants to mandate a mutation of an entire population (Equality Act) in haste. Vaccines were just the start, getting you dolled up for what’s next. 

I have taken away your hope in people so that you’ll hope in God. People aren’t holy. I am. People aren’t faithful. I am. And I am that I am! Now is the time for people to accept Me or reject Me. And I’ll graciously receive those humble but object to and put a stop to those who aren’t. (Isaiah 8:10-15

And as angry as I am, I’m not bitter at people. I’m mad at the enemy. And I’ll silence the enemy for the hopeless, the repented ones, and lovers of God. I won’t be judging people for being wrong; I’ll reach out My hand, cover them, and bless them – for even they will realize they were lied to! (Genesis 3:12-14

I’ll put a clear end to the enemy, and I’ll draw a line on earth—a clear line between the clean and the unclean. Like you drove around yesterday and marked a territory for God, so will I do in these days! And there WILL be godly, God-fearing territory. The righteous will inhabit it together, then little by little, the righteous will take new land until the entire world has been consumed with complete righteousness, dependency on God, and union with Him. 

These ARE the days of Me as the Father. Where there shall be no more weeping of anguish, but tears of joy for the righteous. Like John the baptist, you warned, now He is here! Amen?! (Revelation 21

And there’s nothing you need to do further. Remember, I said these testimonies would sprout up all on their own! Haha, So stay in your lane, rest in it, and watch what I do. These are the most beautiful days, and spring is the perfect time to watch tender vegetation grow (suddenly) in all its beauty.