The War Isn’t Over, the Battle is Now in Your Hands.

“When I purged Israel of its sin, first it was pride, vanity, and haughtiness. Then the journey to their promised land (the promises of God over your life are a process and journey) was to purge the real sin for which they couldn’t see yet, self-will and unsubmissiveness. It was a gift of intimacy, which they traded for doing things their way and refusing to hear. Trust Me; they did hear Me (but did not listen, and there is a difference.)
See Ezekiel 14:4, Isaiah 4. 

So just because I’ve cut off the enemy now doesn’t mean the war is over. The battle is now in your hands, each individually. One-by-one, now that people have the freedom to hear and think for themselves, they’ll have to choose (activate the Spirit) not to believe they know-it-all now and submit to Me. It’s hard because they’ll have to surrender before having answers, and they won’t see what they’re signing up for from the start. But when they activate this simple belief, they’ll activate intimacy. Intimacy is what I want, and it’s the purest form of love, being able to communicate with one another without having to say much (or defend what you say.) 

Intimacy also issues the proceeding Word (Matthew 4:4), and that’s what you’re really going to need in the days ahead.”