Zechariah 10:11 is the Word of the Lord today!

“And [the Lord] will pass through the sea of distress and affliction [at the head of His people, as He did at the Red Sea]; and He will smite down the waves of the sea, and all the depths of the [river] Nile shall be dried up and put to shame; and the pride of Assyria shall be brought down and the scepter or rod [of the taskmasters of Egypt] shall pass away.”

“Haha, oh, yes! You need Me! This country needs Me, your business needs Me, your finances, relationships, and all of creation cries out in great need of its creator!! Well, what a beautiful thing, for I love to be needed. 🙂 

What you all need you cannot do on your own, but I’ve expected you all to see it. You’re helpless without Me. Though you can’t see the great dividends of sin from the beginning, it doesn’t mean her toxicity doesn’t ruin your life through every step of the process. Slowly but surely, America has killed her pride and passion for Me through their arrogance of ‘doing it on their own.’ Now, it doesn’t start that malicious. But My people are weak and lack the patience for My heart. So they get restless, start doing things on their own, and all a sudden they look up one day to see an entire people group [another party] driving the ship away! ‘We’ll sell ourselves back to the slavery and oppression of other tyrants because we’re too fat and defeated to figure it out on our own,’ they say!

Luckily there’s a remnant that remains. I hate the “fat and lazy” narrative of America. You were built to be a city of praise! Of productivity! Fruit for the world! But if you’re barely saved, barely surviving, don’t believe in My healing over medicine — how much worse is the rest of the world? They don’t know better. You do! America has tasted My deliverance, and it was so great that the rest of the world studies your history in their schools. Oh, you’ve taken freedom for granted. But this year, these past years, the distress and affliction have awakened your hearts to your situation. Make no mistake; you did this! And though I discipline, I do not get back at people for their sin, and I’m not looking to repay you for the treachery and treason you’ve committed fully against Me in your hearts. 

I desire repentance. That’s change backed by action. And your nation has needed to be pushed into action! 

Luckily I never saved because of your works but because of My faithfulness. I paid too much to set you free. And though you live as undisciplined children without parents, I will not let you get away with it forever, for the price I paid and My plans for you are too great, says the Lord. 

So alas, the day is here. Physically, it’s here! It didn’t come packaged as you wanted. This year wasn’t what you wanted, but it’s what each of you needed. What good is faith if you never use it, and what is the benefit of trust and simple belief if you never see the great fruit of its Power? For confidence in Me pays the ultimate dividend, and faith, hope, and love never disappoint. 

I am redeeming this nation, and it will be a sign to the world of My love, My power, and My word in this hour. Great anguish may befall unbelievers, but it’s a pain of ending traumatic relationships that your heart committed. But just like bad relationships, they’re missed because it’s all you’ve ever known. But the nights, memories, and love you think you miss are immediately replaced when someone better comes along. And I am here to rescue, redeem, and restore. 🙂 

The breakthrough has been waiting for this moment, more specifically this hour. The time taken has been for you to see! This year has proven what [who] you believe. It’s been a sign for you to see where your trust is. Are you that easily shaken by the news and popular opinion? Or is your heart set on justice? Because it’s bigger than an election, Trump isn’t the only one who needs justice. People all over and even in your family need it. But can your heart see the fairness and rescue they need, or is your heart just as hard and passive, accepting all things because ‘that’s the way things are?’

It’s time for the great men and women of faith to be promoted and rewarded for their hearts. And those without, demoted; only as an opportunity to relearn from the Source themself. 


It’s the best day for you, your family, your friends, this country, and the world. We are better off for 2020, thank God!”

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