Divine Forgiveness

We’ve ushered in spirits of judgment and offense into relationships over the years through our own pride and ignorance. They have been the guiding marker for our thoughts and feelings over the grace, love, and forgiveness we think we carry. We’ve removed the predicate from the gifts of God, and without Him, His greatest gifts have become void of the supernatural power we need to sustain our lives. Through this arrogance, we’ve been wandering in the wilderness, eating judgment’s fruit of bitterness for too long. Luckily I think we’re all tired of the bad taste offense has left in our mouth, for you can see that we are all unsatisfied, grossed-out, and “spiritually hangry.”

Part of why we never forgive is because we don’t understand. It’s not the understanding that is bad, but we’re selfish, wanting to understand the answers we want and not the ones we need. We want the wrong answers to “why” so our mind can justify its action. But forgiveness isn’t for your reasoning; it’s for your heart. And it’s a spiritual principle that you’ll only be able to receive understanding when your heart is in the right place. Why? Because God speaks through the spirit, and if your mind could understand it, all would know, understand, and live in the glory, belief, and intelligence of the Lord. It’s not for your mind to control, but for your mind to follow. God’s in your heart and feelings more than you know, and when you let God lean into your heart, His hand will come upon your life as you’ve always desired (Psalm 54:4 tpt.)

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