New Day

“Abide in Me, as the season changed overnight on earth, so has it in the Spirit. ANYTHING can happen now!

That’s right! Anything can happen, but when it happens is dependent on the spiritual atmosphere. Faith can still move mountains, and anything is possible to the believer, but only by God’s grace, when He says, is time. 

It’s why some people pray, and nothing happens. There is a difference between asking for what you want and hearing what God is doing — praying in line and in time with God’s doing. Amen! 

All in all, there has NEVER been a better time to love Christ. Oh, Christians aren’t going to be persecuted. History has seen enough of that. Christians (believers) are going to rise! Because they’re the ones with the message, they’re the ones with the victory, all because they’re the ones who believe! They’re the ones with the faith and ability to do something today. I have set a boundary over the enemy once again. And if you want anything productive done on earth, it will take people of great faith AND simple obedience to move them. The enemy will have no power in these coming days, but believers will have all ability through Christ Jesus. 

He died to give you much more than we asked for, and this is the moment in history a global community learns to steward it together.”

Psalm 116

Psalm 30
Simple Love of God

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