Psalm 65:6 ‘What jaw-dropping, astounding power is Yours! You are the mountain maker who sets them all in place.’

Haha, this isn’t where you thought it was going! ‘You are the mountain maker.’ While the church is busy rebuking and trying to conjure up human-made faith to move mountains, they forget that I am the mountain maker and have set it in front of them for a boundary. Lol! 

Now, why would I do such a thing? Because people need limits. I know what you can handle and what you can’t. For you, I know your ability and charm to do what God has called you to do. But you weren’t ready, and now the time hasn’t been set. So a mountain has kept you from entering a land of promise before God’s appointed time. 

The same with this nation. God has placed a mountain of adversity (and if you think about what Jesus said, He will be the stumbling block) before you can enter into the things of God. Why? Because you’re not ready. You can’t fake the kind of unity and joy I want to give you. If you could, then the world is a happy place right now. But hearts are tarnished, uncircumcised, and open to whatever. As you can learn from COVID and this year, it’s not right to be available to whatever. It matters who you touch, it matters where you go, and the filth on your life can be contact-traced to someone or somewhere you shouldn’t be. 

Another shutdown, another lockdown, a halted election, and delay have arrested your attention. The handout was nice initially, but from where does your help come from now, says the Lord? Do politicians really provide for you? Did they fix the problem? Did churches step in and take a stand? Who’s in control?

The reality is you are. My will be done, but My will has a way, and people must submit to the new ways. I need clean hearts, humbled attention, sincerity, and surrender. What the world is most scared of now is what I’m waiting for them to do, and that’s to give up. 

When they give up, when they let go, and when they offer Me the greatest sacrifice of all, their broken heart, that’s the moment I’ll step on the scene. 

You haven’t been waiting on Me; I’ve been waiting for you. And Help is here when you’re ready.”

If Jesus had an exodus from sin, how much more do we! (2 Peter 1)

Get excited, for the day of glory is here. He will be unveiled before our eyes and burn in our hearts once again. It’s a 2 Peter 1:19 package deal. 

Be a lover of truth and stand with those who love the same. 

Simplicity, keep it simple. 

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