What’s Next?

I’ve had many people ask me recently, “What’s next? What will the world look like after this?” Well, it’s nothing but good news.

In Luke 12, Jesus addresses much of what we’re experiencing today. “My coming will change everything and create hostility among you — all because of Me!” The reality is, people are mad at the truth and don’t even see it. They don’t see it because they have the wrong belief. They may want to love God but don’t know how to love because selfish servants in authority to watch over and teach have abused God’s power and trust.

It’s like the news. Reporters take a story, add their own opinion to it, then publish it through the lens of their creative authority. This information now becomes a half-truth. It’s chopped up, edited, and changed by people who don’t fully know or understand the message. Preachers and selfish leaders do the same thing with the Word of God. They take the bible, add their opinion to it, then publish that through the lens of their creative authority. The gospel becomes a half-truth, is deluded, and over time, becomes a lie (religion.)

The news and churches didn’t start with wicked intention, but when you start adding your own opinion to everything without the discipline of how to think, well — you start authoring a house of lies. The real travesty is the fruit of what a house of lies creates over time, which we live in today. A divided society of people crying out for truth yet don’t understand what is even real or what “truth” is.

That’s why I’ve been repetitive in saying we have a lot to learn! And the sooner you can talk to God in humility and honesty, the better off you’ll be.

A judgment day is coming, but not like you predict. Answered prayers never go like you’d expect because you’re not God. The gospel isn’t, “Have it your way.” You don’t get to decide how He acts, how He chooses to Father His children, or how He answers prayer. You only get to ready your heart to receive answers. That’s all God requires; you prepared to accept, or you’ll miss it.

Restoration will come, but after people are rescued.

And as much as I want to tell you about the restoration, I want you to have simple faith and hope in what He is doing now.

The church likes to publish the promises of God to keep you focused. But little do they know (even through good intention) they train the body of Christ to follow what God does and not who He is. Christians can often live in a fantasy land where lust drives how they think, act, what they crave, and do. That’s right! People will soon see that porn, affairs, and theft were never the sin; they were just the product of an empty heart that will guide you if you don’t take back control.

Know this ends beautifully. And if you don’t know how or what it will look like, then pick up the Word for yourself. God wants you in tune with the process more than the produce.

Preachers, penance, devotionals, and Instagram accounts don’t get you into heaven. Only Jesus. And it’s not up to people, friends, accountability partners, and podcasts to work out your salvation. It’s up to you to work out your own salvation, with fear, trembling, reverence, and worship of God.