Peculiar Judgment

“Get excited, be excited! I know you want to help, but keep listening. More of My plans and revelation will (and are) being released to you today. I don’t need your help; I need your ears and eyes. You said this yourself that you would instead be mentored by The Creator Himself, and that’s what you’re doing. So relax, sit back, abide, and let Me teach you a thing or two. Amen! 

Be encouraged, confirmed, you’re anointed, and this is it! What we (Heaven, America, Us) have been waiting for is here!!! 

I know your heart grieves for those in distress, but you’re not the help they need; I am. And I am helping! Be encouraged as people are standing up, crying out for help, and receiving My defense for themself! I am coming to the rescue! This is a week of rescue, and I am listening and watching intently, amen! 

Isaiah 12 – This redemption comes after being rescued.
You know how this ends. You’re one of the first people there, so join in the Revelation 4:8 song!

Isaiah 28 – “And a spirit of justice will come to him who sits in judgment and administers the law, and strength to those who turn back the battle at the gate.” 

The enemy is so drunk on their delusions that they don’t even see how they’re walking or what they believe. Their tables are full of vomit with nowhere clean to eat. But I Am, and have set in place a tested Stone, he who believes (trusts in, relies on, and adheres to that Stone) will not be ashamed or give way or hasten away in sudden panic. 

Today I am testing what (who) people believe. If you believe in Me, have heard My word, then this “outcome” may surprise you but not move you. You see it in those who seemingly have little knowledge of Me but are firm, standing proud, unshaken, and not in a panic. OHHHHH, THIS IS THE FRUIT OF REVIVAL!!! 

The Psalms 18:10-12 storm is here! I am on the way to your defense. I ride on a chariot amidst thick darkness, a cherub My steed has swooped down, soaring on the wings of the Spirit-wind. I am hidden in the mystery-darkness and the dense rain clouds My garments. 

And I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plummet, and hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and waters will overwhelm where people hide. I will annul the covenant you have with death and the enemy. This is what you prophesied, curses being broke off spoken by evil leaders! And people will know the difference. Extreme and condensed pruning will come from the Lord, all sin and evil exposed, the earth and those who believed in her, the great whore of land, will be in vast terror. Only hard treatment and dispersion will make you understand God’s instruction. He arises to accomplish his strange work—peculiar as it is—his strange work of judgment. “This” is the discipline you asked for, and it’s here! Amen! 

God’s guidance is unfathomable, and the heavenly wisdom He imparts is magnificent. He is restructuring the earth and planting the new garden. Destruction is from the Lord, and its ashes and dead things will fertilize and bring to a beautiful life, the new seeds and work God is doing now. Beauty will come from ashes, joy from mourning, and great gladness will be poured out and spread abroad on earth. Trust Him and His timing more than ever, for the picture He paints now is beautiful, and these are the BEST MOMENTS OF IT!!! 

We are no longer in a season of God designing, but God painting. And God is hovering over the earth with His great brush. Carefully brushing each stroke and creating His best masterpiece and work yet. He’s working with great joy, heaven is in awe, and you, having learned how to fight in the spirit, are singing along! Amen! 

Trump is the man of the hour called to do this, but have patience for Trump as he passes over unfamiliar land. Islands see it and panic, and idol-makers bolster one another up, saying, “take courage!” But this is the work of man which is vain and will come to nothing before the Lord. 

See, it’s an actual test of who you believe. The Son or the Sun. Can you take a stand unashamed and believe the Word of God, or will you kowtow to the gods of Baal in surrender at their fleeting strength? God is at work at this hour doing the new thing, and all will come to know the knowledge and glory of God for themselves. 

You are not the Judge, you do not understand judgment, and this is not the time for you to guess what will happen next. This is the time to stand, with both feet planted firmly, and watch as God teaches, peculiar as it is, His strange work of judgment! God laughs at the enemy, and you’re free to do so as well. The world will drink to forget, but He drinks to remember what He’s done, so you’re free to take a drink too. We know how this ends, so sing along with heavens joy, for that is your strength and your stronghold – not the approval and dull, lame, affections of men and women who don’t know true love.”

For extended reading, Psalms 142, 110, 14, 12, 10, 11.

My Genesis 2:12 (Isaiah 13:12) Spirit is here and hovering over the earth, 

Acts 4:18 Glory cloud is above (so the enemy doesn’t want you to say My Name), 

Revelation 19:12, My will be done! (I’m here in My brilliance, only I can know what I’m doing, the victory is not on you but Me.) 

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