People are being lied to, and God is rescuing you from your own belief.

Restoration will come, but only after He saves you from the great evil. It’s a process that may hurt, but when you end up where He’s taking you, you’ll thank Him for the worst days and the powers He saved you from, which your eyes could not see. (Psalm 31) 

This morning God told me to read Daniel 3, specifically verses 10-20, to draw a historic parallel about what our nation is walking through today. History repeats itself so that we can learn the knowledge and reverential fear of the Lord. There’s a purpose to our history, and it’s no secret why in its pivotal moments, the enemy wants to burn books, demolish statues, and cause the people to forget how this ends!! Because God is faithful time and time again, evil will not prevail, no matter how you feel. God is bigger than your emotions. Even though the situation looks different, how He works is still the same, so put your faith in how God works.  

The authority in our world has essentially created ideas, formed false pacts, and established evil idols. Many even without revelation knowledge of what they’re doing. That’s the fruit of hidden sin in your life, which you refuse to clean up after conviction from the Holy Ghost. You’ll start making many mistakes, then find your placement in life far off from where you thought you were, dumbfounded, wondering how. Sin lies to you on the way, and you believe evil out of your insecurity. But the day you see where she leads, she’ll be the voice mocking you, offering none of that comfort and “good feeling” you had along the way.  

These powers, through people, have created the false narrative we have followed in recent years. They have now commanded on a global stage, “Worship what we do, how we do, when we say to, or go to hell!” Our division was never the spirit of racism alone, but an evil spirit keeping you blind to the heart issues being brought to light today.

Luckily, America has a pair. And no matter how lonely you feel in a world where no one seems to value principals and peace, we said, no! We will not worship and believe what you believe, and though our numbers seem small, this small number in righteousness holds more authority in heaven than the unrighteous. We will continue to and have chosen our side. President Trump, in front of all nations, has unashamedly pronounced, JESUS IS LORD! And THAT MATTERS TO GOD!!! And I’m talking about the One God, not who you’ve made any god be in the charming and temperate theatre in your mind. God can be aggressive at times because there’s a heaven to gain, a hell to shun, and a relentless enemy who wants you to share an equal portion in their fate. God is sovereign, and He has providence. God is good! And He is not the one insecure in His belief during these trying moments. God has held His peace, and for many, this is the moment you’ll get to meet Him for yourself. Don’t worry and be in fear, for you’ll hear the Goodness soon! 

President Trump has more faith than MOST ALL Christians because the less he knows, the more powerful and bold prayers he can ask for without any religious (evil) intimidation. Amen! So he asked, he proclaimed, and God is saying, “Throw Trump in the fire! Because he is strong and mighty and built for such a time as this. You’ll throw him in the fire, and Trump will laugh. He won’t lose sleep, he’ll sing! And the enemy will hate our President even more because Trump has what they can’t have; joy, power, and Grace from God to do what he’s called to do. Trump and America will come out of the fire, and no smoke, scar, or blemish will be on him or her. People who didn’t have this faith are intimated because they have no faith and little knowledge of how God works. How Trump comes out of this fire will be like the days of Daniel, days that will not end in a division, because God will move mightily and make a clear display of who He is, and WE WILL WANT what Trump has, experienced, and is through Christ Jesus.” AMEN! 

History is full of kings and rulers who knew God not, yet looking back, God will be the one to show the record that His hand was on them to execute your answered prayers and His righteousness, freedom, and deliverance. People are bitter and don’t believe in change because they’ve never seen it themself. Their life is full of politicians, parents, teachers, leaders, and friends who always talk and command change, but never live it out. Most of you have never seen a Saul become Paul all in a day. But you will, sooner than you think. And your sweet life will be better for it. 

I love you, friends! The best days are ahead. Turn off the news. Stop listening to the evil that confirms your worry, and pick up some hope. Love YOURSELF! Love and have grace for you. You need it!! And love others. We have a lot to do, but the work is more straightforward than expected. Choose sides with peace and watch and learn as we become exciting members of history and His-story, even today. 

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