Election Day Stand

There’s one thing I’ve learned about offense and being offended over the years, and it’s that offense will always show you more about our own heart than those around you or even those you criticize. 

We’ve had our chance to be mad, to pour out how we feel in flamboyance, and there has been plenty of time to process the emotions of it all. Now has the time has come to act. To choose how you really feel and take a stand. 

The power we ask for and the grace we need today won’t come as physical might but moral authority. It will appear by us getting back to humility, simple belief, and standing on principals. Through our stand (right choices), grace will be released, and the power, ideas, and creativity to fix this world will come in supernatural courage.

We have a responsibility in this. To treat people better, become secure in our belief, trusting what’s right, and ask for Help greater than ourselves.

Video from Gary Hamrick, Cornerstone Chapel
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