The Best Christians Never Wanted To Be One

I think the best Christians in history are the ones who never wanted to be one.

This statement should encourage you because it’s onlooking, where you’ll see Gods hand at work in the coming days [fall 2020.]

I think people with the most robust faith are often most quiet. That’s because they inherently stay busy doing what God called them to do, even if they don’t realize God is leading them. When they aren’t working, they are alone, and God ministers to them in private.

They’re the ones who aren’t impressed by the name of Jesus, and worship of a name alone isn’t enough. They live as they want, then one day they’re the ones who encounter His heart.

That’s what changes everything! It’s a revival from God, not manufactured by man. People who aren’t Christians are at peace with who they are and how they live. They have way less pride than we accuse them of, and that’s what makes them teachable, and allows God to do a work in their heart, all in divine timing.

Faith and belief systems aren’t a mind puzzle; they’re a heart issue. And because these people stayed away from what we’ve made the church to be, they won’t be confused in their mind by our religious traditions when they have their encounter with God. They will have the perspective to see who He is and the character to take responsibility for their [and our] part in Christ’s salvation and prosperity. That’s a powerful combination of radical change and welcomes in God’s glory and presence.

So get excited about the fall! As much as I feel like “there is to do,” there isn’t really. Receiving from God is just being open to it. And I am free to see what God’s going to do next! It will be the best ending to an even greater year for those who want it.

It takes more than a heart for God; it takes a heart open to God.

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