ADPI Kind of Guy

I’m still rocking this bracelet @izzy.rotondi made for me this past spring. It is funny to see people’s reactions when a grown man is wearing a homemade sorority bracelet. Most people don’t understand, but only a few need to. In any bond or relationship, there is an intimacy that everyone doesn’t need to know. 

Every time I look at this bracelet, I think of all the open testimonies still resting from my time at @ukadpi. It is hard that our time ended so abruptly when God was in the middle of so much. But the work isn’t over, and it’s up to each person individually to grow, learn, ask questions, and become entwined with their own creative love story with God. 

When I look at this bracelet, here is what I pray; 
A – for God to affirm these girls,
D – for God to give them divine and biblical discernment,
P – for God to protect them,
I – for God to inspire them, their passions, hopes, desires, dreams, and decisions,
🖤 – for God to tangibly show them His love daily. That through tasting and experiencing God’s perfect love, their hearts will become circumcised from any other passion that doesn’t come from a perfect Father. That they will be at a loss for words because of His love, which produces Psalm 65 “silent worship” and motivates them to give away everything Christ has freely given them.

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