You’re Known

“My understanding is incomplete now, but one day I will understand everything, just as everything about me has been fully understood.”

The truth is you weren’t born with all the answers, and having all the answers isn’t the prerequisite for happiness and joy in life. What you need is faith in Who created you, because He’s the One who knows you. People act out, grow emotionally hangry, and anxious, often out of an extreme necessity just to be known. That’s all anyone ever really wants, to be known, feel loved, and make valuable contributions where they are.

When you receive God’s love, you accept the gift of understanding that you are fully known already. When you get a revelation of God’s love and choose to place your trust in what He has said, the burden and pressure of having to make yourself known will fall away.

Getting the Word in you is essential. Most of what you need in life, God will give you, but most of what you want, you’ll have to work to get yourself. And in the kingdom, the work you do is making a choice. People often led astray are ones who don’t know the truth; they don’t have the Word in them. And when you know who you are and whose you are, you can’t be easily lied to or led astray. The world is full of opinions, but the only one that matters is the One who made you and says everything about you, your heart, and your desires are fully known!

God distributes different kinds of miracles that accomplish different results through each believer, which means two things. One, you’re valuable even if you feel different. Two, if you’re feeding on the Word, then miracles are active to accomplish His good work through you. Feasting on the Word is the key to making a dramatic impact on the lives, family, and atmosphere around you.

God has carefully designed each person and placed them together where they are. He did not just throw everyone together collectively in a singular passive action. God put considerable intentionally and thought into every detail of your life, including your surroundings. You are placed where you are with a divine purpose, even if you don’t understand it yet. Not only are different people a good thing, but diversity is required! Diversity is a kingdom gift for your spiritual eyes and ears.

The people we think are less honorable are ones we should treat with greater respect. And we should be on the lookout for those who need to be covered. The reality is some people are fragile; some are strong and require less attention. God has done this intentionally so that we can train ourselves to look out for one another. People become known when we teach our eyes and actions to co-labor with God in this way. You won’t have to scream who you are any longer. People will see you by rising in integrity with God’s spirit.

One, and each of you is unique and vital! People are so valuable.

Gifts, works, and words will fade, but people will always remember how you made them feel. It’s why God’s love is so important. Remember, love alone isn’t good enough. It has to be God’s love. Putting God back in the gifts of God is what will activate miracles and the supernatural power you need to breakthrough and reign in life. It will keep your mind focused with perspective, and will not let the theatre of your mind derive division regarding people who are different.

God is love. And when you choose to love people with His love, it carries a kingdom motive. You activate God’s spirit of love. Where the Spirit of the Lord is through this love, there is freedom. Freedom from wrong ways of thinking, hurt, emotional damage, and the pride of life. Healing will arise with ease, and you’ll see that unity was effortless all along!

Believing what God has said about you breathes unity into our world and relationships. Keep your heart open to it. Remember that we all learn God’s love; we don’t start perfectly. Give yourself, and others grace to learn and be confident in what God’s love will produce and accomplish in your life starting today!

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