Gifts Are Cool But He Is Better

Someone recently told me how they wanted the gift of prophecy. The request of this person was not a grand display of dramatic pursuit, screaming out to God. But their delivery was with a purity which boldly whispered their inner affections, a way which I knew they had made up their mind and their inner-man was praying for it. I think it’s beautiful! We all have the same Spirit breathing into us, and it’s the same Spirit administering gifts to us by grace to do the productive work. You have unlimited resources in the spirit realm, and when you get a revelation of your salvation through Jesus Christ, you will want absolutely everything He paid for and freely gave to you!

I think the pursuit of spiritual gifts is a sign of a new believer. There is absolutely nothing wrong; you should desire all gifts. However, I’ve learned that when you chase the giver, He’s the One who will dump talents of new giftings on you without you ever submitting a request. Would you rather intercede for prophecy an entire year or focus on knowing the Father and seeing how many abilities He distributes you over a year?

An active life with Jesus is all about His heart. It’s all about who He was, and is, and is to come—a completely linear God. The disciples had a hard time grasping this, and I see it universally today. People are always focused on the hand of God and not the heart of God. That’s why you follow the traditions and rely on the gifts yet don’t quite experience the lasting breakthrough for which you inwardly hope.

I have many spiritual gifts, one of which being the gift of prophecy. When I was younger, I was very excited about it, because it is exciting! I mean to have a specially administered grace from God Himself to see into the future?! Super cool. But I’ve noticed over the years as I have gotten to know Jesus, I rarely think about that gift or use it in speech. My mom’s best saying is, “people will tell you who they are.” I use this daily when working with people because you can discern the heart of a person through their speech. If a person comes lavishly robed in Shakespearian-like prophetic language, chances are they spend a lot of time cuddled up in bed with their gifts and not the giver.

Looking through my journey, the best gift I have is knowing the Father’s heart. It’s a repeated command He had for me from the start, “Stay focused on My heart and not My hand. If you do this, nothing will ever be hard for you.”

There are layers of complexity of what this means in the life of a believer. It is also the only thing He wanted from the start.

Knowing a person’s heart is actual intimacy and the essence of a relationship. It’s where you can speak a song of healing and love without ever needing to open your mouth. It’s a language unwritten yet known and repeated by all since the beginning of time. It’s the fulfillment of being known, and that is emotional security in any relationship.

Many people throughout the day will ask me for advice. When they do, I don’t call on my gifts, I think about the heart of God. When I think about Him, compassion for the person activates the same miracle-working anointing Jesus had. I can’t hear God’s instructions for other people. I am not God. I can’t decide a matter for people because I’m not the judge. What I can do is declare the Father’s heart in any situation and over any person. When you get to know the Father’s heart, nothing in this world can distract you. It’s the ancient pathway to His throne room and longevity for enteral life. And in this context, I mean LIFE! Not just being alive, but living out of your unlimited potential that Christ died to give you. The truth is anything is possible, whether you believe it yet or not.

It’s why the scripture repeatedly commands us not to judge. We are so quick to use scripture and gifts to defend, rescue, and help people. I believe that people do this out of sincerity. However, they cause a lot of damage along the way because they are leading people to the mathematics of tradition and scripture-based formulaic healing, not the person. It’s all about Him. Always has been, still is, and always will be. The person of Jesus is the only linear equation you can rely on for miracles in your life.

Declaring the heart of God over people and situations is deliverance. It is unfiltered, pure, and living water straight from the source. It’s not filtered down, sweetened, and packaged aesthetically by the consumerized church. When you declare the heart of God, there is freedom from years of wrong belief, strongholds, addiction, and anything else. It lets people taste and see that God is good. And when you give people a consistent diet of Him, it will change their appetite, and they won’t settle for anything less than Him.

He is better than you hope. He is the subject of hope, not what He does or the gifts.

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