“Hearing God”

We live in a world full of questions, which is perfectly okay. The best part of having questions, I think, is as a global community, we’re finally ready for answers.

Much of the frustration, unrest, and even bitterness in people today, comes from us crying out for answers to life’s most complicated questions. Dysfunction is it’s fruit and comes from us not being able to figure things out on our own. Meanwhile, our hearts know this, and our hearts within are crying out for solutions! Only the Spirit can provide these answers and solutions, the voice of our Father, God Himself.

We are culturally fatigued by news anchors, crabby family members, entitlements, bad friends, pimp preachers, counselors, and life coaches who are all fighting to make sense of a world they didn’t create.

Our hearts are ready for real answers, real solutions, honest affections, purity, and the perfect love of God, who created everything.

That’s where I come in. I am simply someone who loves God [the Father] and knows how to hear from Him. That is what I want for you.

I am not the authority of anything, just someone like you making his way through this world. However, what makes me different is my passion for you to know that YOU can hear from God yourself. You don’t need another preacher, a motivational book, or five keys to anything. A conversation with the Father is not a mathematical equation. It’s a conversation just like you’d have with your closest friend.

Contrary to what you’ve heard, you don’t even need salvation to hear from the Father. The veil between heaven and earth was torn entirely by the death of Jesus Christ, giving every person direct access to hearing from the Father1. And the Father speaks! For God does reveal His will, He speaks not only once, but more than once, even to men who do not regard it2. Wisdom for life even cries out from the streets; all She waits for is someone to hear Her3.

If God exhausts Himself this way by speaking to people who will not listen, imagine how much He’ll have to say to you if you choose to humble yourself and take Him at His Word.

As a culture, we have lowered, numbed, and even nullified our expectations to hear from God. We’ve done this through our love of talking so much4. It’s a desire to control5.

Prayer has become all about us and what we want, not about Him and who He is.

The reality is, when you have a revelation of who He is, you won’t have the compulsion to ask for much. You’ll have a first-hand experience of how generous and extravagant God is, alive in your heart6.

We all need to get back to the simplicity of Christ. Quick to listen, slow to speak7.

The most prominent misconception people have about “talking to God” is systematic prayer, petitions, and traditions. People start the conversation and then leave before He ever speaks. That’s making the gospel about you and not Him. The biggest thing you need to know is God wants to talk to you more than you want to speak to Him. He knows what you’re going to say, every anxious thought in your mind. That’s why you need to realize your role in listening. God already knows, and He desires to answer you. He made you, the earth, and all things and in Wisdom, and that Wisdom you lack is what He eagerly craves to give you. It’s your choice to receive it. God will meet you where you are, and He knows how to communicate with each of you individually in a way that you understand, makes sense, and gives you joy8!

Most of what “you hear from God” comes from what you believe about Him.

Keep things simple. Humble your mind and heart to honestly believe He is right9.

Don’t hold what others have said against Him.

Choose to believe He is who He says He is and listen to Him only.

The bible shows us that God made you just one step below Him10. So if you can’t figure Him out in a day, why do you ever think you can figure yourself out in a day? You are so powerful that even angels look at you and say, “this is my fellow servant, brother or sister in Christ11.” The truth is you are highly complex12, and you NEED Him. By design, He is only one who can answer, guide, make sense of, and give you life.

And that’s the gospel.

To expedite your journey, start making your life about Him and not yourself. Instead of fasting, sacrificing, and studying, give Him your silence and listening ear13. Take time to listen to what He has to say, and confirm it in the bible14. (And know that it’s a religious spirit as old as time that would tell you that you don’t need to be in the bible.) You need the Word, and the Word and His voice are both gifts to you.

I’m glad you’re here, friend. God is bigger than you think, better than you believe, and all things are possible to those who believe. I’m excited to be part of your journey, and I hope you take time to share with others and me what God is speaking to you15.

God looks good on you, and this world needs who God is in you!

Love, Matthew